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Actionable insights to maximize return on digital transformation


Guesses get you started. Facts get you results.

Decision-makers can rarely afford to rely on guesswork. Hunches are justifiable if they lead to in-depth research or experimenting, but betting the outcome of your actions on assumptions is a high risk. To mitigate it, we conduct 3 types of audits on all our products. We are therefore confident they can help you, too:

SEO Audit
UX Audit
Technical Audit:
  • Security analysis
  • Performance analysis
  • Code audit

How we create value

Prevent digital roadblocks

In a quickly scaling business, poor risk management can lead to unpleasant setbacks or a failure to accomplish the growth goals. To identify, assess, and control liabilities, you are constantly seeking an unbiased look at the status of the systems you have to work with.

A technical audit can help catch problems and knowledge gaps that might otherwise slip, impeding the survival of a project (or strategy). It allows business leaders to set proper expectations, evaluate objective attainability, and discover opportunities before they become blindspots.

Optimize resources and operations

As a technology leader, you want to know if strategic objectives set by the Board can be sustainably achieved with the on-hand resources. You need a tool to identify their limitations and pinpoint areas of improvement.

A thorough technical audit can help understand how your department’s IT systems contribute to the company’s strategy and define actions needed to optimize operations. For example, if the codebase you have to work with is in worse shape than you thought, adding more senior engineers and stretching deadlines are easier to justify. On the other hand, if it is in mint condition, you can safely scale down the team without losing productivity.

Get actionable insights to fuel growth

The process of scaling consists of thousands of informed decisions about how to approach this challenge. Determined to grow, you are looking for ways to extract actionable insights to use as the foundation of your strategy.

By running an audit of a source code of every technical product or solution, entrepreneurs can catch many issues before they become obstacles. When the roadblocks are already present, auditing digs down to their root causes and helps find ways to remove them without compromising growth.

Evolve in unison with the industry

The principles and techniques of UX and SEO evolve every year as user intent, digital platforms, and algorithms change. If the industry is improving continuously, so should the knowledge about it. Your (and your team’s) ability to stay up-to-date can make or break the agency’s strategy.

Our UX & SEO audits are packaged as small workshops and are designed for knowledge transfer, not just actionable insights. It helps digital managers embrace and apply the best industry practices to achieve the goals of their agencies as well as their customers.

Digital Diagnosis & Auditing uses:

Web Scrapers
NLP tools
Stress Test Tools
Pentest Tools
UX Frameworks
Coding Standards

Digital Diagnosis & Auditing generates:

Priority Lists
Strategic Recommendations
Raw Data

Frequently Asked Questions


When you are preparing the code for development scaling and want to speed it up.
When you want to assess risks related to tech debt.
When you want to understand why the development is not moving at the desired pace.
When you are changing the ownership of the code, the company, or a related asset.
When your business strategy relies on the technology platform.
When you want to find reasons of repetitive problems.
Regularly, every 1-2 years.