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We cater to different business roles and needs

Leverage IT systems to scale up your business

To scale up, business leaders need a fast and reliable partner who could advise on technology investment and help optimize operational processes. We often step in when their current collaborators cannot keep up with their pace.

Moving at the speed of business, we build innovative systems fine-tuned to your growth objectives. Let the facts speak for themselves: 10 of our clients have been working with us since before their launch.

They are now worth more than $1.000.000. Each.

Assemble better teams and achieve milestones against all odds

No man is an island: from product delivery to R&D, technology leaders are dependent on the expertise and availability of their in-house crew. If the latter is limited, they start looking for an extra hand.

As an experienced technology partner, we confidently take over tasks that need immediate attention, specific abilities, or simply more time. Our intervention empowers leaders to build and educate their teams while keeping development at the desired pace.

Enter the market with confidence

Entrepreneurs come to us seeking clarity: they want to measure the quality of ideas and prevent their initial product from being cluttered with impractical features. Ideally, by building and testing an MVP.

Our technical know-how, seasoned with a business mindset, helps entrepreneurs evaluate ideas and reflect on their feasibility: a lot of startups we have worked with changed the product or the market before writing a single line of code. Once the concept is confirmed viable, we can provide full support on building upon it with smart IT systems.

Gain a competitive advantage by moving past technology roadblocks

Digital managers reach out to us when their in-house team needs technical reinforcement or when their current supplier is too busy struggling with legacy systems to divert resources toward a new project. One way or another, a fragile tech core can result in losing deals to savvier competitors.

Working as an IT branch of your digital agency, we don’t just deliver a code or a wireframe but a measurable shift in business. We design bold, game-changing solutions that strengthen your technological capabilities, impress potential clients, and help to win high-profile projects.


Our customers trust us

Over the course of 18 years, we worked on more than 800 projects for 83 loyal clients. Our business fluency and grit to untangle complexity are what makes them keep coming back.


Solutions that set us apart

We have specialized in what other software consultancies steer clear of: robust, high-complexity web applications. But that is just the end-product. We are here to help you understand what you need before making an investment.

Digital Diagnosis and Auditing Ideal for businesses that are going through a rebranding, product overhaul, or simply want to discover hidden opportunities. Explore Solution
Value-driven Development Our full-service solution designed to grasp important metrics, convert them into actionable insights and generate substantial value. Explore Solution
Product Discovery &
Idea Mapping
An independent process set to explore fresh business ideas and prepare them for software development and design. Explore Solution
Team Extension A great fit for companies looking to augment their in-house development crew with specific experience or niche skills. Explore Solution

Meet the people behind Neurony

Anton Khukhlin
Full-stack Developer
Andrei Rădoi
Front-End Developer
Laurențiu Clenci
Head of Sales
Georgiana Glodeanu
Project Manager
Adrian Onică
Junior Developer
Alexandru Beciu
Sales Development
Călin Neagu
Andrei Trache