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The Private Clinic of Harley Street

Taking healthcare customer service to another level

Business leader
Value-driven Development

The Private Clinic is a leading cosmetic surgery clinic, based in the world- renowned London Harley Street, offering all surgical and minimally invasive cosmetic treatments.

The challenge

Serving an ever-growing market of always connected patients.

People in need of cosmetic surgery usually know what they want. They value their time, so The Private Clinic was looking for a snappy platform. It also had to improve the Clinic’s services by allowing them to analyze the most common customer queries and requests.

The solution

More than a call center

The platform’s rain-maker pages (the ones used for conversion and lead-gen) were heavily optimized to load extremely fast.

Once someone has booked a consultation online, they are quickly transferred to an operator/ account manager.

The query parameters are stored and sent along with the consultation booking to a third-party component, for better customer service & marketing.

The features

Value-driven development for seamless medical appointment booking

Dynamic caching on content blocks
We were able to downsize loading times for specific pieces of content around the website.
Better insights
Capture advertising/query parameters on booking a consultation and send them to a third party component.
Platform - call center integration
Send batches of bookings to the call-centre based on a cron-job running in the background.

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