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mateco Romania is the largest independent powered access rental service provider in the country, with two subsidiaries in Bulgaria and Moldova. Established in 2005, the company has grown to the most developed access equipment depot in Romania, with a 40% market share.

The challenge

A rapid expansion

Started with only 15 employees and 70 pieces of equipment, mateco Romania quickly expanded to a team of over 200 people. To continue performing while scaling, the company had to: – Find a key differentiator to stand out in the sea of competitors; – Optimize all inside and outside communication, as exchanging information through multiple touchpoints lead to errors and delays; – Bring visibility and clarity over all operations.

The solution

Creating and maintaining client connection in a completely digital form

With the help of MySmartRent, every single client process, from signing a contract to returning the rented equipment, is integrated, aggregated, and monitored through this custom-developed software. The application provides a highly sensitive layer of visibility, that makes room for a large variety of optimizations in terms of time and efficiency. In addition, any type of deviation or anomaly is instantly spotted and solved before it can cause any damage.

The features

Value-driven development to expedite the equipment rental process

Equipment management
Administration and information point for all equipment rented by the user.
Augmented reality
Provides authentic experience of the tool without having to bring it on premises.
Budgeting tool
Lists current balance and invoices. Documents are also available for download.
Service support
Allows users to notify or request service support, and to consult previous interventions.
Efficiency graphs
Measures equipment and mateco Romania’s team's working time and performance.
Map visualisation
Locates the position of each piece of equipment and pinpoints it on the map

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Stefan Ponea
CEO & Founder @ mateco Romania
We've been working with Neurony for 17 years. They helped propel Industrial Access to the point it is today. And they keep pushing it forward.

We couldn't have done it without them.

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