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Principles for Responsible Investment

Hundreds of international members. One platform.

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Value-driven Development

The PRI is the world’s leading proponent of responsible investment. It encourages investors to use responsible investment to enhance returns, manage risks, and create sustainable markets that contribute to a more prosperous world for all.

The challenge

Integrating over 10 networks across the world is no easy feat.

To successfully disseminate information to all members of its networks, the UNPRI needed a centralized informational hub – the Intranet.

Given the sensitive data with which UNPRI works, members had to be treated with care and a lot of attention. Assessing their areas of interest, their manifest tendencies to delve into certain topics, webinars and documents was paramount to building a strong community.

The solution

An exclusive repository of information

Key highlights:

– Fast, searchable documents library to be used from any page on the intranet. For easy processing, it supports several filtering tags.
– Event announcement and creation platform. Aside from the events made public on the main UNPRI site, members-only events can be created within the Intranet.
– Bespoke and dedicated analytics system to track resources usage and user activity within the intranet.

The features

Value-driven development for the international community

Event management system
The Intranet allows for the creation of events, available to users with specific privileges.
Document repository
The UNPRI features a Document Library where the organisation can host (and index) its whitepapers, minutes and rich-data documents.
Salesforce integration
The intranet works with Salesforce for a robust lead management experience.
Localized country networks
The UNPRI spans across many networks. To accommodate their users, networks can have their own subsections in the intranet in their own language.

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