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March Mutual

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Value-driven Development

March Mutual is a bookkeeping platform that helps freelance accountants scale their business without hiring an army of bookkeepers. Compliant with the rules, guidelines and policies of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants for England and Wales, it also helps its users follow all HMRC regulations.

The challenge

Finance is complicated. Making finance management easy? Even more so.

When we were approached by March Mutual, we needed to ensure first and foremost the platform’s high availability.

Freelancers and SMEs have limited resources and time to deal with bookkeeping. Time lost translates to money lost. Or, worse, customer dissatisfaction.

The main issues that the platform had to address were:

– A shifting focus (switching from expenses to generating revenue);
– Lack of know-how;
– Lack of time.

The solution

A central control panel

March Mutual helps freelancers grow without worrying about bookkeeping.

It does this through:

– A unified dashboard – serving a broad array of taxes, student loans calculations, dividends etc. from a single, easy to use dashboard;
– Secured access to data – protecting Sensitive Data and Ensuring the application’s High Availability through backups in separate datacenters and a complex DNS protection solution.

The features

Value-driven development for easy bookkeeping

Online invoicing
Freelancers can produce and email invoices right on the platform.
Intuitive dashboard
Users can see invoices and expenses right from their home screen, for quick decision making.
High availability
Data is backed up and secured, ensuring high availability and protection against DDOS attacks and DNS attacks.
Documentation repository
Freelancers can get up to speed with what they need to know about their finances, contracts and time-keeping/reporting.
Automated accounting
Automatically generate reports based on VAT, corporate taxes, student loans and other parameters. Files are exportable as PDF for easy filing.

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