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Making creativity accessible

Product Discovery & Idea Mapping
Value-driven Development

Createxplore is a freelancing platform for non-profit creatives and small organizations. It connects digital artists and hobbyists (Creators) with other people, communities, or businesses (Explorers) in need of their skills.

The challenge

Turning hobbies into competences

Today, creativity tools are so much more affordable than ever before, allowing people of all ages and from all backgrounds to engage in artistic endeavors. The founder of Createxplore wanted to make sure that a friendly, accessible environment to cultivate (and make use of) artistry is not missing.

He reached out to Neurony in 2017, with an ambition of building a go-to place for everyone who is seeking to practice their hobbies in a semi-professional manner or develop new skills.

The solution

Bringing the two “tribes” together

The website serves as a portfolio repository for digital artists, whereas communities or small organizations can use it to call for creative help by posting a project.

Unlike other freelancing platforms on the market, Createxplore is not primarily focused on financial rewards. Instead, it advocates for non-profit skill sharing and encourages learning new things by helping others.

The features

Value-driven development for an idea-driven community

Personal profile
A showcase of the Creator’s portfolio.
Messaging system
Connecting Creators and Explorers anytime.
Invitation functionality
Invite Creators to join a project.
Location filter
Discover Creators and open projects nearby.
Insihghts dashboard
With details about open projects, recent activity, etc.

A highly converting initiative


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Jeremy Forshew
Founder, Createxplore
Neurony continues to provide quality work and suggest valuable insights, leading to a continued partnership with their team. They lead a transparent arrangement to balance maintenance with additional projects. Their constant communication stands out.

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