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CAN Mezzanine

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CAN Mezzanine provides flexible workspace, coworking packages and meeting room hire exclusively to charities and social enterprises in London.

The challenge

Serving a serviced office space’s requirements

CAN Mezzanine was looking for a solution to accommodate different requirements of their business, for example, keeping bookings free for the internal users, but taxing the external ones.

Prior to our collaboration, the bookings were kept entirely on SalesForce’s servers. While this was lucrative, it left CAN heavily dependent on a third-party system.

The solution

A tool powerful enough for a big company, but flexible enough for a young startup.

The CAN Mezzanine’s Intranet allows CAN’s members to book meeting rooms and hotdesks, stay up to date with upcoming events and more.

Conference rooms can be booked standalone or in groups. To avoid overlapping bookings, used rooms also block access to the groups they could belong to.

All bookings are synced with CAN’s SalesForce account, providing data redundancy. At the same time, SalesForce provides access to detailed reports, allowing the CAN booking system to run extremely lean.

The features

Value-driven development for flexible office space booking

Room availability
Members of the Intranet can see, in real time, whether their desired room is available at the date they picked and with the resources they chose.
Hot desk booking
Aside from meeting room reservations, users can also book working desks.
Costs & resources
Each room can have resources and a usage cost assigned to it.
Occupancy dashboard
From the Planner view, users can see how many rooms are free/occupied for each day.

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